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Smart QR Terms & Conditions


  • The purchase of Smart QR (“Device”) and data plan by Bayarlah merchants from Beez Fintech Sdn. Bhd. (“BFSB”).


  • Existing Merchant of Bayarlah.

  • The Merchant that wants to purchase the Device is required to apply and register as Bayarlah merchants



  • Payment for the Device and/or data plan must be made by online payment or QR payment and collected by Beez Fintech Sdn. Bhd.

  • Any cash payment that is paid to third parties will not be recognized by BFSB.

  • After the payment of Device and/or data plan paid by the Merchants, the Device is belonging to the Merchant. The Device is not returnable upon acceptance and the payment that is collected is not refundable.

  • The payment only can be refundable if the Merchant rejected and/or onboard unsuccessful from BFSB.


Waiting period

  • The Device is subjected to preorder items.

  • After the payment of the Device paid by the Merchants, a minimum fourteen (14) days waiting period is applicable to Merchants for waiting BFSB to deliver the Device to the Merchant.


Device Warranty




  • The warranty of the Device will be one (1) year warranty provided by BFSB (“Warranty Period”).

  • The warranty of the Device is only applicable on the system and/or interior part of the device.

  • Upon receipt of the Device that is covered during the Warranty Period by BFSB, BFSB shall:

    1. Send the Device for inspection and replace the parts to fulfill its functional requirements; or

    2. Replace the Device with a replacement product of the same model or product that has the same or substantially similar features as the original product (“Replacement Device”). If the Replacement Device has additional features that is an improvement of the original Device, the Merchant shall reimburse BFSB for the additional cost of the Replacement Device.

    3. Merchant hereby undertakes to reimburse BFSB for the cost of delivery of the repaired Device or Replacement Device by BFSB.

    4. Device that has been repaired or replaced by Replacement Device shall be delivered by BFSB.

  • BFSB shall not be liable for any damages including but not limited to loss of use, loss of revenue, loss of actual or anticipated profits, loss of business, loss of opportunity during the ineffective use of the Device and reparation.

  • This Warranty does not cover any of the followings:

    1. Any damages, dents, defacement, scratches, stains, or marks however caused external of the Device;

    2. Any damages, defects, malfunctions or non-functioning to or in the Device howsoever arising from, caused by or incidental to any external cause (including accidents, fire, lighting and Act of God or any other such like matters);

    3. Any damages and failures arising from any abuse and/or negligence by Merchants or third parties; and

    4. Any damages and failures arising from the services (including but not limited to any modification, disassembling or repair) in relation to the Device given by any third-party provider and not BFSB.

    5. Upon occurrence of any of the following events, BFSB at its sole discretion, immediately terminate the Warranty and treat the Warranty as null and void. Upon such termination, BFSB will no longer be liable or responsible to carry out any reparation or replacement of the Device even if it is still within the Warranty Period.

  • BFSB will not be responsible for replacing


Minimum Period of Service(s) and Early Termination of the Device and Data Plan

  • The minimum commitment period for the data plan of the Device will be one (1) year (“Minimum Subscription Period”).

  • Merchant needs to renew the data plan annually and pay the annual subscription fees that cost RM96.00.

  • Merchant shall renew the data plan before the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period in order to continue to enjoy the service. Failure of the Merchant to renew the data plan before the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period would cause the data plan to be terminated after the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period.

  • Extra charges need to be paid by Merchant if the data plan is used for other purposes not related to the services and/or businesses registered with BFSB.

  • The Device must subscribe to the data plan provided by BFSB, if Merchant reject/refuse to subscribe to the data plan, the Device cannot be functioning.

  • Any early termination of the services from the Merchant, the Device is not refundable and not returnable.


Additional Features & Requirements

  • The Device is provided for the Merchant’s business purposes only and not to be resell or transfer to any third party.

  • The Device only can be used/function through Bayarlah

  • The data plan (Sim cards) cannot use for other purposes.

  • BFSB do not recommend Merchant use other data plan (Sim cards), because it may cause technical problems/ failures of troubleshooting of the Device.

  • BFSB has the right to suspend, disconnect or terminate the data plan service if the Merchant does not meet the agreed-upon obligations.

  • All Merchants are subjected to the BFSB’s Bayarlah QR Payment Services Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and any other terms and conditions that BFSB might imposed for its Merchants including any subsequent revision, amendment, or improvement deemed necessary by BFSB.

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