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  • What is bayarlah?
    bayarlah is a merchant acquiring platform which allows merchants to accept various e-wallet on a single QR Code Payment System. bayarlah also helps to promote and encourange everyone to develop a cashless society in Malaysia.
  • Who can sign up bayarlah?
    Merchants engaging in legal businesses are permitted, while illegal businesses are strictly prohibited.
  • What kind of product that bayarlah provides?
    Now bayarlah have introduce new product, which is Smart QR Pro.For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check out our website for the latest product.
  • How many types of e-wallet can bayarlah accept?
    bayarlah accepts payment from more than 30 banks and e-wallets.
  • What are the benefits of using bayarlah?
    The benefits include: Increased Security Complimentary Business Management System Complimentary Outlet Management and Integration System Unique Shift Management System Representation on Transaction Disputes Fast and Immediate Problem Solving Universal Receiver
  • Can I transfer money to other apps via Bayarlah?
    bayarlah cannot transfer money from one e-wallet to another. It can only make payment through bayarlah QR code.
  • Is there any requirement to be a bayarlah merchant?
    Any merchant can apply for bayarlah services. Please contact our hotline to speak to our sales team.
  • Do we need to renew the bayarlah application?
    No, the application lasts for a lifetime.
  • Can I transfer money using bayarlah app?
    bayarlah cannot transfer money to other e-wallet or bank, It can only make payment through bayarlah QR code.
  • Will the money go directly to the bank account?
    Please note the following processing times for payments to your bank account: Monday to Thursday: Within 24 hours (next day) Friday to Sunday: Next Monday Public Holidays: On the next working day Transaction hours are from 4 pm to 6 pm.
  • Where can I download the bayarlah Apps?
    bayarlah Apps now can be downloaded on Apps Store, Play Store and Huawei Apps Store.
  • Why can’t I receive the voice broadcast notification from my bayarlah apps?
    Please make sure the app downloaded is the latest version, the app is switched on and the volume is set to on.
  • How do I report suspicious or fraudulent activities?
    You may directly contact our customer service to report.
  • How to reset the password?
    Open the bayarlah app first, then click login with SMS vertification code. After login, go to : Settings > Security settings > Change login password. If there is any difficulty, you can directly contact our customer service.
  • Can I use bayarlah app to make payment?
    No. bayarlah app is not an e-wallet. It is a payment gateway, only to accept payment.
  • How do you want to change the language device?
    It can be changed through the app. Open bayarlah app > Me > Store Management Tools > Settings > Voice Settings Make sure to on the device before change the language. If there is any difficulty, you can directly contact our customer service.
  • How do I setup the connection wifi to my device?
    You can setup by referring to our tutorial video.
  • How do I view the monthly report and download it?
    It can be downloaded from our web portal.
  • Where can I view the 1% total amount deduction report?
    Can open the web portal, login then click on the invoice section.
  • How do I check my transaction records?
    The transaction records can be view through the bayarlah App and web portal.
  • How long report will be store in apps & web portal?
    For apps up to 6 months ; For web - up to 1 year.
  • How to get daily report from bayarlah?
    Daily report will be sent to you by email.
  • How can merchants access the bayarlah Merchant App?
    Merchants have to sign up with bayarlah and log in to the account after the application has been approved.
  • What is the procedure to change from a saving account to a business account?
    You need to fill in google form (business change info) and attach latest SSM and bank statement (1 month, latest) But for some special case, you may also need provide IC as if the owner SSM are different.
  • Are the merchant details safe from others?
    bayarlah will not disclose any information except to the related government authorities or third parties where required by law and/or for legal purposes.
  • When will the merchants get the bayarlah QR?
    Merchants will get bayarlah QR on the spot from our sales team once registration is completed.
  • Can I get a new standee if the current QR standee is lost or damaged?
    Please call our customer service to request for a new one. (only applicable to active merchants)
  • Can I use same business SSM but use different bank account?
    Yes, you can but the name will be store as the SSM's name.
  • Can I change my bank account details, but under other's name than SSM?
    Cannot, need to follow the procedure. The account name has to tally with SSM.
  • What if I change my business name?
    Need to send the device back to the office for backend to generate a new name on the device.
  • If you want to change business details? What documents do I need to give to customer service?
    You need to fill in google form (business change info) and attach latest SSM and bank statement (1 month, latest)
  • Why didn’t I receive payments on the expected date?
    Please contact customer service to check on payment issues.
  • How regularly will the Merchants Reward be held?
    Please check our FB or Instagram page for any updates on campaigns and rewards.
  • Where can I read the terms & conditions for Merchant Rewards?
    Please visit the bayarlah website or FB & Instagram page.
  • How can I notify the latest campaign?
    You can check our FB, Instagram or our website page for any updates on campaigns and rewards.
  • Where can I read T&C for Madani programme?
    You can check on our website for T&C for the latest campaign.
  • What to do if merchants want to make changes to their business application?
    Please contact our customer services for any changes in business application.
  • Can I use the bayarlah devices in more than 1 outlet?
    Yes, you can apply for more than 1 outlet.
  • Does bayarlah charge any setup fees?
    Zero setup fees required.
  • Does bayarlah charge any hidden fees?
    No, but we do have (Merchant Discount Rate) MDR is the fee we charge to merchants, and every transaction we will charge 1%.
  • How do I check my transaction records?
    The transaction records can be viewed through the bayarlah App or web portal.
  • How long before I receive my money?
    The money will be transferred into the provided bank account in (T+1) working days.
  • How secure is the payment gateway?
    Our payment gateway is tested and complied to the industry standard with approval from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).
  • How far back can transactions details be retrieved?
    Records are available and ready to download from the web portal for up to 2 years. For transaction records more than 2 years, please contact our Customer Service.
  • Can I download the transaction details?
    Yes, via our website, Options for daily, weekly, or monthly transactions can be obtained.
  • How do I contact Customer Support?
    Customer Service **Monday – Friday – (8am-7pm) General line : 03-8408 2098 Whatsapp : 010-227 8488 Social Page : Facebook – Bayarlah Instagram – Youtube – Bayarlah Webpage ( : Live chat
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