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The Best Payment Solutions for Micro Businesses


bayarlah  All Can Scan

bayarlah QR accepts various e-Wallets and Bank Apps for payments.

Approved & Recommended by Bank Negara Malaysia.



by Beez Fintech Sdn Bhd

bayarlah is a Merchant Acquiring platform which allows Merchants to accept all e-Wallets on a single QR Code Payment System.

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Confirm power 'lah'

Easy Tools Make   Business Easy.
Explore bayarlah Features

  1. Real time notification

  2. Voice & message notification

  3. Prevent Scam & fraud

Increase Security

  1. On-the-spot problem solving

  2. Representation to recover missing transaction

  3. Time saving


Representation on Transaction Disputes

  1. Unique merchant app

  2. Detailed transactions

  3. Downloadable & printable statement


Complimentary Business Management System

1. QR code provided on-the-            spot

2. Fast activation

3. Fast turn around in problem     solving


Fast and Immediate Problem Solving

1. Integrate multiple outlets

2. Integrate multiple business

3. No extra charges


Complimentary Outlet Management and Integration System

1. Accepts multiple QRs and e-     Wallets

2. Convenience for merchants

3. Avoid confusion due to               multiple individual payment       gateways


Universal Receiver

  1. Diff. QR for diff. shifts

  2. Prevent money loss

  3. Effective tracking for shift based business


Unique Shift

Management System

Everything  Also Can Scan


Enjoy the freedom of cashless payment

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Cross-Border Payment


About bayarlah

Promoting and developing a cashless society in Malaysia.

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